Why Does Good Olive Oil Cost More?

And Is It Good Value For Money?

High-quality extra virgin olive oil is very hard to make. A lot of effort goes into collecting and picking fresh, healthy olives and that adds to the final cost. But, that’s also what makes it 100% natural food with the massive health benefits it has grown famous for. Lower quality olive oils are made without the same level of care when it comes to picking the olives to crush. Thus, they need to be thermally and chemically treated to eliminate the bad flavors resulting from oxidized olives. Any comparison between extra virgin olive oil and canola, soy, sunflower, or any other cooking oils would be unfair and like trying to compare a supercar with a cheap 800cc car without safety belts and no airbags. But good extra virgin olive oil isn’t just a healthier oil but an ingredient that can be used to elevate your dishes to a brand new level. There are many different varieties to choose from and much like wine, each has its own flavor and aromas. The health benefits and the strong fruity flavors of extra virgin olive oil are why its great value for money.